30 Jun


“Joel and I first met while we were copy editors at 944. Back then, I was a bit green to the copy editing game, and with his help, I was able to become better at my job then I ever could have expected. After I left 944, I eventually became the editor of a national publication and I needed a staff of writers to work with. Joel was one of the first people that came to mind and he never let me down. His copy is always clean, precise, and most importantly, on deadline every time. We may live on different sides of the country, but if I ever need help with another magazine or publication, Joel is my guy.”¬†

Kevin Whipps
Editor in Chief
Wing World


“It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Joel Lyons. I worked¬†with Joel when he served as one of the main copy editors on the Las Vegas edition of 944 magazine. He was such a pleasure to work with because not only did he catch any glaring mistakes in the copy, his approach to notifying me of any changes was done with such tact and humility. As an extremely “protective” managing editor, I appreciated Joel’s findings and his dedication to his role as a copy editor and skilled writer. I remember whenever I would need a writer to crank a piece out in a timely fashion, if I asked Joel, he’d take on the task and submit the story on or before the given deadline. After his time at 944, he went on to pursue the multimedia platform and continues to build his skill-set. If given the chance to work with Joel in some capacity in the future, I’d welcome the opportunity.”

Laura Downey
Managing Editor
Forbes Travel Guide